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Professional Experience


JADE Architects LLC, Northfield, MN 1998-present - Founder | Owner

Architect and developer whose creative springboard to design is rooted in art, philosophy, nature and observations. Our approach is a fluid process of testing, evolving and integrating ideas through a traditional design methodology as well as creating, making, and constructing work for the built environment.  We develop unique solutions to complex regulatory constraints, maximizing site potential, use and density.



LUCID + BRIGHTMOON LLC, 2016-Present - Owner | Partner

Development and promotion of recreational land investments in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Primary role in site assessment, acquisition, master planning, and coordination with government agencies to final construction. Comprehensive understanding of all phases of development resulting in successful projects, fresh in feeling and form.



E + J MANAGEMENT LLC 2014-Present - Owner | Partner

Residential and Commercial property management, Northfield, MN


BLACKBIRD  +  NEW CIRCLE GROUP Development LLC, Northfield, MN 2008-Present - Owner | Partner    

Pursue unique site opportunities with sensitivity to their transformation within the local environment.    We own, develop, design, construct, lease and manage property. 

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